A calm and peaceful time

At the time of morning walk, I met one of my neighbors.

She saw my pet dog, Babou, stroked her, and, she said “It’s been a while. You haven’t changed. You are always cute!”

I told her “She had turned 15.”

And then, she was surprised and said, “She became such an old lady all too soon!”.

She said, “She hasn’t changed”, but I realize that Babou’s way of walking has become slower day by day.

Her hind legs have become weaker quickly.

She is about 88 in human years, but she can walk without the help of a stick.

That means she is doing very well for her age.

But, sometimes I wonder how much time I have left to be with her, which makes me feel sad.

And also, seeing my pet dog getting smaller in her old age makes me feel sad. 

I took a photo of her with the sunset in the background.

I wonder what she is thinking about.

I don’t know whether this park reminds her of her happy childhood.

I wish that she lives as long as possible with a smile on her face.




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